Shopping for a new Airstream

2015-Sport-Lifestyle-Campfire-CropHere we go again! After spending several months in a camping lull, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road. Before I can do that, though, I’ll need to spend lots of quality time with my favorite Texas Airstream dealers while I shop for just the right model. I’m also keeping a close eye on the site. You never know when something tempting will pop up!

Flying-Cloud-27FB-Cashew-Ultraleather-Mica-530461-B2F-FLATTENEDMy dream Airstream? It’s a 27-foot Flying Cloud travel trailer, and it’s less than two years old. It’s got two AC units, a power awning, a queen bed, and ultra leather upholstery. I’ve had a 27-footer before, and it’s perfect.

BUT, in the end, it’s really all about the adventure, right? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call my family and grab a map…

I’ll keep you posted!

G. Elaine Acker

Airstream Photography by Brett Scarola

A few days ago, one of our sales pros, Brian Mallory, walked up to me with a gorgeous, vintage airstream photo in his hand. The image was created by Austin photographer Brett Scarola and the magic of the iconic Airstream and mood of the moment was all captured there on the print.

Photo Copyright Brett Scarola. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Copyright Brett Scarola. All Rights Reserved.

Jealous, I promptly went online to Brett Scarola’s Etsy Store and found a treasure trove of photos rendered with a vintage look. The store features classic Central Texas images such as Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress, the famous dance hall in Gruene, fields of bluebonnets, and Hamilton Pool. My favorites, of course, are those that showcase the Airstreams in all their silver glory.

At Camper Clinic II, we’re lucky to meet lots of creative adventurers (and always take time to sit back and admire their Airstreams). If you’re adding a taste of Texas to your décor – or if you’re in the mood for something customized just for you – check out Brett Scarola.

–Elaine Acker

Enter the 2014 Texas Parks and Wildlife Photo Contest

If you love being behind the camera, there’s still time for you to pull your camper trailer to a state park and take photos for this year’s Texas Parks and Wildlife Photo Contest.

Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Between March 1 – April 15, 2014 enter photos of your most playful moments in a Texas State Park. Winning photos will be published in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine and three will receive a $300 high-performance video camera – the HERO3+ Silver Edition GoPro®.

Contest categories are: Photos by Kids 17 and under; photos by Adults 18+, and Instagram photos.

For all the details, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Photo Contest Page.

And if you’re looking for a new travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler that will bring you even more family fun, visit Camper Clinic in Rockport, or Camper Clinic II in Buda. Both offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on every new rv!

Airstream Interstate Best Selling Touring Coach


Jackson Center, Ohio (February 19, 2013) – Airstream announced today the brand’s popular Interstate is the #1 selling Type B motorhome in the U.S. for the third year in a row, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.


In 2013, Airstream Interstate unit sales increased 48 percent over 2012 – nearly three times the overall segment growth which was up 15.9 percent year over year. The Interstate now has nearly 23 percent market share in the touring coach segment.

“The momentum we gained in 2011 and 2012 has carried us for another year,” said Airstream CEO and President Bob Wheeler. “To keep things rolling, we unveiled a new Interstate model at the end of 2013 in an effort to enhance the product and experience for our buyers. We think these changes will only magnify interest as we move into 2014.”

The Airstream Interstate motorhome continues the tradition of extraordinary design and handcrafted quality that has made Airstream a style classic for 82 years. It serves as a fuel-efficient, luxurious and safe way for travelers to explore the open road and includes nearly two dozen “Best in Class” Mercedes-Benz features, enhancements and a renewed commitment to safety and refined luxury. The Interstate has a MSRP of $146,300, and $149,006 for the EXT model.

Our dealers are also very instrumental to the success of the Interstate, and we appreciate their hard work over the last three years in helping Airstream maintain the top retail spot for B Vans,” said Wheeler. Camper Clinic II is proud to be one of those dealers, and among the top dealers in the nation.

Airstream had a record-setting 2013, making it the best-selling year in the company’s 82-year history. The demand for Airstream’s design-driven products led to the company’s largest backlog in more than 30 years.

Get a Lifetime Warranty with your New RV

Camper Clinic II now offers  a Lifetime Warranty on Every New RV

Campfire_and_Guitar_WebWhen I bought my first Airstream RV in 2008, I’d have loved to have had a lifetime warranty for my new RV. I was new to the RV lifestyle, so I had lots of questions and concerns. But I knew I loved travel and the outdoors. I also knew I was at a point in my life where I would appreciate a few creature comforts. I quickly learned how to operate and maintain my RV, and that RV gave me lots of happy family memories I wouldn’t trade for the world. But the peace of mind that came with the warranty would’ve been awesome.

The great news is that my next RV will come with a lifetime warranty, because starting today, Camper Clinic II will be including the RV Warranty Forever program with every new RV they sell (including Airstreams!).

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “What does it cost?” and “What’s the catch?”

RV Warranty Forever Lifetime Warranty

The warranty is included at no additional charge, and there is no catch. It’s very straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • You do have to perform annual maintenance on your RV. (Yes, it has to be done professionally. No, it doesn’t have to be done at Camper Clinic II, although they’ve got a great service department.) We all do it for our cars and trucks – we can certainly do it for our RVs as well.
  • Send your Annual Maintenance Record Coupon to RV Warranty Forever.
  • That’s it. You’re now covered for as long as you own your RV. There’s no deductible, and the program pays 100% parts and labor for the covered components.

Check out the details of what’s covered in the video below!

This lifetime warranty is backed by the largest A-rated insurance company in the automotive industry, so you can buy your next RV from Camper Clinic II with confidence.

To learn more, call Camper Clinic II: 800-781-7848, or visit them at 15855 South IH-35 in Buda, TX. They’ll also be at the Boat and RV Show in Austin January 16-19!

~ G. Elaine Acker

How to Carve a Pumpkin

It’s not too late to head out to the local pumpkin patch, grab a pumpkin, and create an impressive jack-o-lantern to decorate the house or RV. Using a stencil, you can carve like a pro, and impress everyone at the RV park!

Pumpkin Stencils1. Shop for a stencil and tools. You can find these at almost any drug or discount store.

2. Cut the pumpkin topUse a large, sharp butcher knife to carefully cut the top out of the pumpkin. You can create a circle, angling the knife toward the center of the pumpkin so that the lid fits snugly, or use a zig-zag pattern.

3. Remove the pumpkin seeds and “guts.” Scrape the inside of the pumpkin on the side where you intend to carve your design to make the wall thinner and easier to carve.

Choose a pumpkin stencilStencilScrape the pumpkin




4. Choose a stencil. How ambitious are you? There are easy designs for beginners and complex patterns for experts.

5. Tape the stencil to your pumpkin and use the small plastic hole punch to transfer the design to your pumpkin.

6.Carve the pumpkin Remove the stencil and carve, carve, carve. Refer to your stencil to determine which parts of your design are cut away from the pumpkin, and which remain intact.Carved bat pumpkin








7. Put a candle inside the pumpkin and impress your RV neighbors!

Glowing PumpkinsP.S. Fall means there are great deals available at Camper Clinic in Rockport, and Camper Clinic II in Buda. Shop online right now!

Discover Texas History in your RV

As autumn arrives and leaves begin to turn, you’re probably thinking about your next RV road trip. As you plan your route, don’t forget that the colorful and unique story of Texas – from its prehistoric times through Spanish colonialism, the republic’s fight for independence from Mexico, post-Civil War era and into the 20th century – unfolds through guided tours and special events at more than 50 historic sites within the state parks system.

October is Texas Archeology Month, which celebrates the state’s archeological heritage through  demonstrations, lectures and dozens of public events held at historic sites throughout the state, including a number of Texas State Parks.

Photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife

Photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife

When you take your RV to state parks this month, you’ll find not only some of the best Native American pictographs in the nation at such places as Big Bend Ranch State Park, which on Oct. 12 is hosting a guided hike to one of the Big Bend region’s best rock art panels, but also compelling presentations on archeology (Lockhart , Oct. 5), flintknapping (Copper Breaks, Oct. 5) and 19th century pioneer and ranching life (Caprock Canyons, Oct. 19).

The video below features historic Fort Leaton.

On Oct. 4, Houston area families, friends, veterans and others can play air/sea/land games aboard the historic Battleship TEXAS. Others who prefer a more literal “taste” of living history in the outdoors can experience a slice of early Texas farm life at such historic sites as Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site’s Barrington Farm, Lyndon B. Johnson State Park’s Sauer-Beckman Farm and Cedar Hill State Park’s Penn Farm.

Many state parks and historic sites this month also offer guided tours of 19th century missions, military frontier forts and Civilian Conservation Corps structures or host special history events reflecting such topics as state’s ranching heritage. On Oct. 19, Hill Country State Natural Area near Bandera will host its annual Ranch Heritage Day and Copper Breaks State Park near Quanah invite the public to “Meet the Longhorns,” member of the official State Longhorn Herd.

For a full list of featured October state park events and their locations, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s activities calendar.

Visit Texas Parks and Wildlife online to reserve your RV camping spot today!

Volunteering for Parks and Campgrounds

If you’ve been enjoying your RV for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed “Park Host” signs in your favorite state parks and campgrounds. These kind people are usually volunteers who live in the park, make life easier for the park staff, and are a huge help to RV travelers.

TPW Volunteer

Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife.

If you’ve considered volunteering, here are some resources that may be helpful.

1. Texas Parks and Wildlife has an extensive volunteer program. Whether you’re interested in a Park Host position, or want to offer your services as a tour guide, your gift of time can help stretch the parks’ budgets!

2. Likewise, the National Park Service has opportunities available at parks across the country through their Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program. Download their brochure and read all about it.

3. Finally, many private parks offer volunteer opportunities. For example, KOA has a Work Kamper program for seasonal volunteers. Like the National Park Service, KOAs offer opportunities to work anywhere in the country.

Besides making a difference in the great outdoors, RV volunteers also enjoy discounted or free camping fees.

Are you a volunteer? Where are you volunteering? What’s your specialty? Be sure to post a pic or send us a postcard from the road!

~ Elaine

TPWD’s Youngest Elite Angler

Keatyn Eitelman of Pottsboro became Texas’ 25th Elite Freshwater Angler—and the state’s youngest—on August 2, 2013, less than two weeks before his eleventh birthday. He finished this task when he caught a 21.25-inch, 5.5-pound largemouth bass from Lake Texoma on July 23 and submitted it for a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Big Fish Award.

11-year-old Keatyn Eitelman is Texas's youngest elite angler. (Photo by TPWD)

11-year-old Keatyn Eitelman is Texas’s youngest elite angler. (Photo by TPWD)

An Elite Angler is a one-time achievement award for an angler who catches trophy-class fish of five different species, and it’s the perfect pursuit for those who enjoy RV camping in Texas State Parks. There are freshwater and saltwater categories. To be eligible, an angler must earn five freshwater or five saltwater Big Fish Awards. A Big Fish Award is given for a fish meeting or exceeding a minimum length for each species.

Keatyn began his quest on November 28, 2012, when he caught a blue catfish measuring 39.25 inches from Lake Texoma.  Encouraged by his father, Nailen, Keatyn proceeded to collect Big Fish Awards from Lake Texoma for white bass (16.5 inches, December 2, 2012), smallmouth bass (18.5 inches, December 11, 2012), and his largemouth bass.  He also caught a white crappie (18.25 inches) from Lake Fork on March 10, 2013.

The fishing can be good at South Padre. And the sunrise isn't bad either. Photo by Earl Nottingham, TPWD

The fishing can be good at South Padre. And the sunrise isn’t bad either. Photo by Earl Nottingham, TPWD

TPWD offers plenty of prime RV camping spots statewide, and many ways to be recognized as an angler: state and water body records by weight, catch and release records by length, First Fish Awards, Outstanding Angler, Big Fish Awards, and Elite Angler. Visit for all the listings and an application.


If you catch a fish you think qualifies, remember to take good pictures of the fish to aid in identification. If the award is based on length, one of the pictures must show the fish on a ruler. Don’t forget to take pictures of yourself holding the fish, too. You’ll want them for TPWD, and it would be fun to post them for your RV friends on Camper Clinic’s Facebook page too!

Your local TPWD fisheries biologist will be happy to help you obtain forms, identify your catch and weigh it on a certified scale. Search for the biologist nearest you at

Some grocery stores will weigh fish for you, and bait shops or feed stores may have certified scales. Locations of certified scales can be found at

Official Toyota ShareLunker Program Weigh and Holding Stations also have certified scales; locations are listed at The fish must be weighed within 3 days of the catch. However, weigh the fish as soon as possible to prevent any weight loss due to regurgitation or dehydration.

If you’re working on your saltwater categories, be sure to visit Camper Clinic in Rockport for all your RV needs. Or if you’re fishing the Hill Country lakes, drop by Camper Clinic II in Buda. We’re here to help you with all your RV needs so you can stay focused on the fish!