First Aid Kit Checklist for the RV

Today’s post may not be the sexiest post ever, but it could very well be the most practical. This past weekend, I was updating our home first aid kits, and realized I hadn’t updated my first aid kit in the Airstream recently.

First Aid suppliesI have a pretty comprehensive checklist that I use for the RV, which combines basic household first aid supplies with a few extra items for those boo boos that can happen when you’re out and about in the great outdoors. I’m not a medical pro, so you should definitely take a first aid class and learn how to use the items on the list, but this list will give you a pretty good place to start.

First Aid KitOf course you can always buy a pre-packaged first aid kit and you’re ready to roll! Road trips in your camper are much more fun when you’re prepared to handle life’s little emergencies.

First Aid Reference

Emergency telephone numbers
Paper and pencil
First Aid reference books

First Aid Kit Supplie

Adhesive tape
Alcohol prep pads
Band-Aids in multiple sizes
Cloth Strips (approximately 2” x 4’ long)
Cotton Balls/Q tips
Elastic bandages
Flexible wrap (self-adhesive wrap)
Gauze pads & bandages
Gauze rolls
Hand Sanitizer
Multi-purpose tool


Antibiotic ointment
Antidiarrheal drugs
Cortisone cream
Eye Wash
Hydrogen peroxide
Personal medications
Poison ivy treatments
Povidone-Iodine Solution
Styptic powder or pencil

Optional-yet-useful items

Clean cloth
Cold Pack
Hot Pack
Emergency Blanket
Lip balm /Sunscreen
Sewing kit: thread, needles, safety pins
Snakebite kit
Splinting materials
Water bottle
Wet wipes

I’ve had several CPR, first aid, and Wilderness First Aid classes, and I highly recommend them! You’ll learn exactly what to include in your own first aid kit, you’ll know how to use everything in the kit, and you’ll be able to respond with confidence when it’s time to deal with life’s little emergencies.

Wishing you safe travels!

G. Elaine Acker