Dove Hunting with the Girls

“My dad would never let his little girl go hunting with the boys,” said San Antonio’s Helena Hauk, president of 5th Gear Consulting, which specializes in SBA loans and commercial real estate. But this month, she finally got her chance. She teamed up with a friend at Alamo Title to organize and host the “Annie Get your Gun” ladies dove hunt for their friends and colleagues on a ranch just outside San Antonio.

Girls huntingIn south Texas much of the dove hunting happens on open pastures and agriculture fields, sometimes edged by stands of trees. The birds can be found flying near the water tanks or feeding in sunflower stands planted to dissuade them from dining on the crops. The scenery can be as gorgeous as a Van Gogh painting, but the realities of a hunting trip also include dog-day summer heat, ticks, chiggers and fire ants. Oh my.

The perfect remedy for those realities is a travel trailer, and Helena knew just whom to call: Dad, who’s otherwise known as Don Goodson, General Manager of Camper Clinic II in Buda. “I grew up in the RV industry and camping,” said Helena. “And I know RVs are the best way to set up a home base at an outdoor event like football games or hunting. We wanted restrooms, A/C, a place to sit out the ‘elements,’ and a place to keep the food safe from the dirt, flies, and… horses. We had some very nosy horses literally nudging us for food!”

Like many Texas gals, Helena grew up handling guns and shooting at ranges, so planning her first dove hunt with friends and colleagues wasn’t a stretch. And everything she needed to know about hunter safety, licenses, and the latest regulations was readily available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

The boys have been enjoying hunts in the great outdoors for centuries. Now, it’s the girls’ turn!

~G. Elaine Acker