Muleshoe, Texas

Last week, while one of my favorite road-trip friends, Lucy, and I were driving through West Texas, I was reminded just how many endearing (and amusing!) landmarks are out there to entertain those of us who do lots of RV travel in Texas.


Photo from TXDOT archives.

The whole conversation started because Lucy grew up in West Texas, and we were approaching Muleshoe.

Suddenly, we were on a quest to find the World’s Largest Muleshoe and the mule statue itself that she remembered from childhood, as well as other West Texas roadside attractions.

Lucy spent some time browsing on her iPad as we rolled between freshly plowed cotton fields.  There are a couple of websites that mention the mule and the giant muleshoe, but… apparently times change.

250px-Muleshoe_sign_IMG_0421What we did find was the Muleshoe Heritage Center on Highway 84. The complex of buildings includes an old railroad depot, a ranch house(which was purchased as a kit in 1915 for $2,763 and shipped Muleshoe on a train), a log cabin, and much more. There’s also a large, 15-ton muleshoe at the front entrance, so it’s easy to find, and there’s a huge parking lot, so it’s an easy stop even when you’re pulling your travel trailer.

Today, I found the vintage photo from TXDOT of the mule statue. I tried to call the Chamber of Commerce, but, no answer. If anyone knows exactly where to find the statue or what the heck happened to the original, famous muleshoe, do tell!

~ G. Elaine Acker



4 thoughts on “Muleshoe, Texas

  1. The National Mule Memorial is about 2 miles east of where you described. It is on Hwy. 84, one block west of highway 214. There is a nice platform and gazebo surrounding Ole’ Pete now. The picture you posted was at it’s original position, about 30 yards east of where it stands now.

    The Santa Fe Depot that is now part of the Muleshoe Heritage Center, was originally located at the same location as the Mule Memorial.

    I was born in Muleshoe in 1965 and moved from there when I turned 18.

    I always tell people I live in Odessa, Tx but I’m from Muleshoe.

  2. Thanks for traveling to Muleshoe! Hopefully next time the road construction will be completed and you can find time to visit Pete (the Mule). The RV Park next to The Heritage Center also offers 3 free nights so come and enjoy West Texas!

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