RV Gifts for Cyber Monday

This weekend, I avoided the black Friday crowds like the plague. But I did spend some quality time online, browsing all the new gadgets and goodies for the RV in Camper Clinic II’s catalog.

And while I was clicking along, I started thinking about my favorite camping memories. Having the travel trailer is a wonderful thing, but it seems some of my best memories happen just outside the door. My sister decorates her awning with lights, everyone scrambles for their favorite chair, and somebody’s always throwing something new on the grill.

The patio is definitely where most of the magic happens, from tasty food to tall tales. I’m thinking this is a great time to pick up a few gifts for the RV.  They’ll be fun to unwrap now, and will set the stage for festive new memories all year long.

Here are three ways you can personalize your patio and make it a warm, welcoming space for your friends and family.

Patio Lights

When you’re not stargazing, these colorful lights brighten the night. I almost feel obliged to get the flamingos, which go with any Airstream, but now I’m leaning toward the Solar Lanterns. They’re so colorful, and easy to hang!




I mentioned that everyone scrambles for their favorite chair when we set up the patio. For me, it’s usually my chair with the built-in table. But the recliner may come next. This looks super comfortable!



When you’re camping, the easiest way to cook with minimal cleanup is grilling, and there are plenty of grills and accessories to choose from online. One of the best looking grills is a stainless steel barbeque grill. It’s a great size, and looks easy to set up.  And if the weather doesn’t cooperate for outdoor grilling, I also found a simple, stove-top smoker, which can give you that delicious smoky flavor inside on the stove.

Whatever you decide to buy for your grill, happy shopping! Cyber Monday beats Black Friday any day!



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