RV Camping at Goose Island State Park

Enjoy RV Camping in Texas at Goose Island State Park

Deer at entrance at Goose Island State ParkFor the past four days, I’ve spent my evenings enjoying Gulf breezes in the shade of oaks, and waking up to the sounds of cicadas in Goose Island State Park.

Located on Aransas Bay just 15 minutes east of Rockport, the park offers hiking trails that wind through oak groves, RV camping in woodland or bayside campsites, fishing from the park’s piers (or even from your campsite!), and extraordinary bird watching opportunities in the marsh areas.

Pelicans at Goose Island state park

Goose Island State Park Fishing Pier







Fishing from RV campsite at Goose Island State Park


While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Rockport. You’ll find great places to eat, like Charlotte Plummers, Moondog Seaside Eatery, or  The Daily Grind, which is the best place for a coffee or lunch break when you’re exploring the art galleries in the Historic District. (Hint: the quiches get rave reviews!) For more ideas on places to go and things to do, visit the Rockport-Fulton website!

Rockport may be best known for its annual HummerBird Celebration. This year, the event celebrates its 25th Anniversary, and is scheduled for September 12-15.

Here are a few tips for RV camping at Goose Island State Park:

1. The oaks grow close to the road and close tightly around many of the campsites. (You’ll see lots of reflectors marking the branches that are likely to nip your RV.) Call the park in advance and make sure you’re comfortable that your rig will fit.

The Big Tree at Goose Island State Park2. Take a bicycle. Goose Island State Park is large, and it’s fun to cycle along Lantana Loop, Warbler Way, or Redfish Road.

3. Don’t miss the “Big Tree.” It’s located about a mile east of Goose Island State Park. It’s the State Champion Coastal Live Oak, and it’s more than 1,000 years old.

Whatever your favorite coastal activity may be, Goose Island State Park is a great home base for RV camping. Be sure to stop by and say hello to to the team at Camper Clinic if you need any supplies for your trip!

~ G. Elaine Acker


Visit the Rockport Hummerbird Festival September 13-16, 2012

Got Hummingbirds?

Photo of Rockport’s Hummerbird Festival by Diane Lloyd.

My cousin Shannon, who lives near Houston and writes the blog DirtnKids just reminded me that the hummingbird migration is just around the corner. “Remember how many of them were here this time last year?” she asked. “Hundreds, I tell you.  It was amazing. There was literally a queue of 30-40 hummers on a 10-seater.  If we have the same volume of them as we did last year, we’ll set up a ‘hand feed’ station for the kids.  I’ll record the video, of course, and share it.  ‘Cause that’s what I do.”

If getting up close and personal with hummingbirds at a “hand feed” station sounds like fun, you should definitely take that travel trailer to Rockport next weekend for the Hummerbird Festival. Activities include banding (I can’t imagine how tiny those bands must be!), talks by birding experts, and plenty of opportunities to view the vibrant hummingbirds.

Did you know?

Photo by Diane Lloyd, Rockport-Fulton Hummerbird Website.

    • Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world.
    • Hummingbirds can flash their bright colors, as well as hide them when needed.
    • The bright radiant color on hummingbirds comes from iridescent coloring like on a soap bubble or prism.
    • A hummingbird’s brain is 4.2% of its body weight, the largest proportion in the bird kingdom.

I found these and lots more fun facts at the World of Hummingbirds site!

If you’re headed to the Rockport-Fulton area, their website also suggests 51 other fun things to do along the coast. So hook up the trailer and go have fun next weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing my cousin Shannon’s photos and videos, and I’m sure she’ll let me share them here with you as well. In the meantime, are you seeing more hummers moving through your area? Are you going camping in Rockport next weekend? Got any great photos of your own to share? Let us know!

~ G. Elaine Acker, Airstream Writer