New RV Models for 2013

This week, I wondered what fun, new toys were in the works for this coming RV model year, so I called Steve Roberson, Sales Manager for Camper Clinic II in Buda, to get the scoop.

nitroTHFfeat2largeI found out that Camper Clinic II is adding four new lines to their lot this year, which means an even wider array of choices. There’s literally something for every budget. You can get a great family camper for less than $10,000, or you can spend as much as $150,000 for the luxury travel trailer or fifth wheel models.

The newest ones are the V Cross (with a v-nose that makes it very aerodynamic to tow), the Aspen Trail, the XLR Toy Hauler, and the Riverside. There’s also a new Evergreen model called the Sun Valley that you might want to check out as well. It’s affordable, and it’s certified green!

iGo 256BH

Check out this 2013 Evergreen I-GO! It’s less than $30,000 and it’s super light and easy to tow!

It’s awesome to have so many choices, but then sometimes it’s hard to make a final decision. I asked Steve how they’re able to help people through that decision-making process. “Our sales people are trained to help,” said Steve. “They’ll find out how you’re going to use your RV, how many people you need to sleep and feed. They’ll help you think through whether you’re going to do weekend trips, long vacations, or even use it full time. Once they’ve got that information, they can match you with the best selections for you, and make it easier to choose.”

c2e0127-03Some of these models are so new they’re not even featured on the website yet, but you can call the sales staff and schedule a sneak preview.

“Sometimes when you’re shopping, you’re trying to justify how much time you’ll use it against the expense,” said Steve. “But once you have an RV and it’s available, you’ll go camping much more often than you thought you would.”

I know that’s right! I love the feeling that I can hook up at a moments notice and literally go anywhere.

As Dr. Seuss wrote, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” If you’re dreaming about a new travel trailer, go for it. Make a list of travel ideas for 2013, pick out a trailer that’s right for you, and hit the road. It’s the best family time you’ll ever spend!

~G. Elaine Acker