Celebrating Veteran’s Day with Warriors RoadTrip

Camper Clinic II launches its latest campaign to provide outdoor experiences for America’s heroes

American Flag


This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.
~ Elmer Davis

This Sunday, November 11, is Veteran’s Day. And I’ve been thinking about ways that those of us in the RV community can celebrate our veterans’ bravery, not only on Sunday, but all year long. With this in mind, Camper Clinic II is launching a new campaign to support Warriors RoadTrip Network.  This incredible organization offers outdoor opportunities for veterans, as well as our dedicated men and women of law enforcement, fire departments, government agencies, Veterans and children with special needs.

Photo credit: Warriors RoadTrip Network

I look forward to sharing their stories during the coming weeks, and you can help make these outdoor experiences possible with a simple click. For every new “Like” on the Camper Clinic II Facebook page between now and December 9, we’ll add $1 to a donation to Warriors RoadTrip. Please “Like,” and “Share!”

Every day, we have valuable opportunities to honor and support our veterans, both active and civilian, and here are some ways we can show our appreciation:

Say “Thank You”

Simply thank the veterans in your life and your community, with words or even with a handshake or a hug. I find veterans among my fellow campers at almost every stop. Another simple yet profound way to thank our service men and women is through Shutterfly’s Thank the Troops Campaign. Shutterfly’s Facebook App lets you send a free thank you card to service members overseas and in VA hospitals. You can also send a care package to troops, and there are a number of organizations that help make this easy. Google “send a care package to troops” to get a comprehensive list.

Arlington National Cemetery

Take part in a local Veteran’s Day observance or ceremony

From parades, to moments of silence, to terrific deals especially for vets, there are fun and meaningful events planned across the U.S. for the whole family. Vetfriends lists hundreds of ceremonies happening all across Texas or wherever you happen to be on your road trip.

Support military charities or service organizations that directly support our veterans and other heroes

From outdoor experiences to clothing to educational opportunities to mental health services, there are a wealth of opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of active-duty and retired military personnel. Warriors RoadTrip is a great place to start!

To all of our American veterans: Thank you!

~ Contributed by blogger G. Elaine Acker and