Women’s History Month

Explore women’s history from the comfort of your travel trailer!


National Park Service Photo.

March is Women’s History Month, and in honor of all the women who embrace the adventure of RV travel, I wanted to share a few places where women’s history comes alive!

The National Park Service is hosting events around the country to help celebrate. They’ve even published a list of travel itineraries showcasing women in historic places. For example, the “Places Where Women Made History” itinerary highlights 74 historic properties in Massachusetts and New York that are listed in the National Register. Other amazing places include the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Ohio, or the Lucy Craft Laney House in Georgia.


National Park Service Photo by Marsha B. Wassel

In West Virginia, Harper’s Ferry National Park is presenting, “Necessity: The Mother of Invention” later this month, showcasing many of the inventions of the industrial revolution that made life in the 1800s just a bit easier for women

Every National Park Service itinerary includes interactive maps, descriptions, photographs, and links.

And finally, if you want to celebrate those strong Texas women, Austin’s KUT radio is presenting stories of Texas women who made a difference. Listen in, and I’m guessing you’ll be inspired to get out the road map and plan your own RV itinerary to re-discover the ways that women have shaped our great state (I was!).

Which women in history do you find most inspiring? Have you visited an especially exciting historical park recently? Tell us about it!

~ G. Elaine Acker